About Us

JIVA JIRÁK výroba velkokuchyňského zařízení spol. s r.o. is a Czech family manufacturing firm founded in 1935. From the beginning the company’s production programme has offered a range of products to facilitate the work in catering establishments. After the company’s restitution in 1990 we immediately reassumed this tradition and every year we broaden our production programme. We can equip all kitchens, serveries, school and work canteens, restaurants and other culinary establishments with our products and equipment according to your wishes. In addition the production programme has been expanded to include supplies of stainless steel equipment to hospitals, street furniture, home furnishings, garden furniture, and finally, stainless steel accessories for the needs of the construction industry.

Our company, comprising of several dozen experienced staff and experts in the field and boasting a turnover of hundreds of millions, is located in its own modern production halls in Vestec u Prahy. The machinery is continuously renewed in accordance with the most advanced technological procedures and trends in the field of processing stainless steel. Our company also has a construction department, which processes orders according to our customers’ requirements including surveying and consultancy services. Naturally, orders are assembled by our professional staff and if goods need to be transported to a location it can be done with our own fleet of vehicles.


The company’s history goes back a long way.  The grandfather of today’s owners learnt his trade at the company Kaliba. This was one of the few companies in Czechoslovakia that was engaged in equipping catering establishments. Later Václav Jirák (born 1898) left this company and went independent.

In 1935 he founded his own company and in his garage he started making pastry ovens and enamelled or sheet-metal stoves. These were products that no household could do without.  Václav Jirák soon brought his son into the company and they changed the workshop in the garage for a small production hall. It wasn’t long before war gripped the country and a few years after it ended along came nationalisation. For forty years the firm was known as Komex, which was a state company.

After the revolution of 1989 there was the chance of returning the property to the original owners, which the family took advantage of and Ladislav Jirák and his sons took over the firm into private ownership. Now a fourth generation of Jiráks is producing stainless steel equipment for various sectors. The company’s products not only decorate the rooms of banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, but also the back rooms of airports or prison facilities.